The history of tapestry art

The art of tapestry made from colourful threads has been practised for over 2000 years in many cultures around the world. By weaving threads together, an artist is able to record history, express feelings and visions by creating distinctive woven images with a textural dimension on a piece of tapestry.

The birth of Signare

In 2007 we dreamed if we could inject a modem twist into this ancient art form and bring it into our everyday life.  AND WE DID IT!

In 2008, we created our brand “Signare”. Meaning ‘signature’ in Latin. From the first product we have guaranteed that we strive for best quality and craftsmanship; we signed our commitment that our products are as individual as you and we signed our mission to create desirable and functional lifestyle products inspired by nature, great art and life itself that resonate with your pleasant memories and experience.


Each piece features a distinctive design that tells its own story and reflects the personality of its owners.

After 10 years of inspirational work, Signare has become a multinational company with exports to over 20 countries. We have established companies in the UK and USA. Signare is becoming the world's most popular tapestry art company on handbags and home furnishing accessories.

Signare supplies products to prestigious customers including the British Museum, Blenheim Palace and Westminster Abbey in the UK; the Huntington Library and the Smithsonian Institute in the USA; and the National Gallery of Canada – as well as many other international museums and visitor attractions.

Our brief timeline is here:

2008 – AC Jade Limited (the Parent Company) founded in UK

2009 – Our first bag was sold in the UK

2010 – Signare global trademark is registered

2016 – Signare USA Inc. is founded in LA, California

Our Tapestries

Our tapestry creations are inspired by nature, by great art and by life itself.  You’ll find flowers, animals, birds, butterflies, landmarks – and much more. Many of our designs come from famous art by great masters of history including Vincent Van Gogh, William Morris, Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and many more.

Vincent Van Gogh inspired Signare tapestry

Vincent Van Gogh inspired Signare tapestry

Signare tapestry nature patterns
Signare tapestry nature patterns

Our tapestry creations are inspired by contemporary and talented artists such as Marilyn Robertson – the creator of Catitudes.

Every six months we will enrich our product range with new tapestry patterns collections.

Our Products

We design and manufacture desirable and functional products for everyday life from tapestry handbags to home furnishing accessories such as tapestry cushion covers and tapestry wall art décor.

Signare-tapestry-fashion bags
Signare tapestry fashion bags

Signare tapestry function bags
Signare tapestry function bags

Our Global Appearance

Products are stocked and distributed from our warehouse located in UK and in the USA, guaranteeing superfast delivery wherever you’re based in the UK, Europe and USA. Our warehouse always holds over 35 models of bags in stock, and with each one available in a choice of more than 50 adorable tapestry designs, there’s something to suit every customer profile!

Contact with Signare

Signare is a vibrant British lifestyle and Fashion brand. It designs and manufactures adorable woven tapestries and transfers them into desirable, fashionable, functional and yet affordable handbags and home furnishing products. Each bag is lovingly crafted from high quality materials inside and outside to ensure durability as well as style.

Signare Products are stocked and distributed from our warehouses located in Surrey, UK and California, USA, guaranteeing superfast delivery wherever you’re based in the UK, Europe and USA.

Signare Tapestry On-line Website

Signare UK website

Signare US website



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