Signare Tapestry

Dr Rauwald Individually Wrapped Wet Wipes for Stain Removal (Pack of 3)


Deal with accidental spills and stains on your tapestry bag/cushion cover instantly with these individually wrapped stain wipes. It'll help lift off stain before it has time to dry into the fabric. Now you can keep your bag looking as good as new!

  • Pack of 3 individually wrapped wet wipes
  • Ideal for quick clean ups and spot cleaning
  • Shifting everyday stains like – wine, mustard, ketchup, coffee, lipstick
  • These wipes are not suitable for velvet, silk, rayon, brocade or fabrics unsuitable for wet cleaning. It is recommended to test on a hidden area for colour fastness. Dried in stains may require treatment with more than one wipe.

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