How To Get Creases Out of Your Tapestry Bag

You’ve just purchased your new Signare bag, it’s beautiful but if it comes flat or folded, it may have a few unwanted creases. Tapestry is one of the oldest forms of woven textiles. The techniques used have remained the same for centuries. Our tapestry designs are created using a jacquard loom machine which simplifies the process of weaving. This in turn creates sturdy and durable fabric for our tapestry bags and home accessories. Therefore removing creases or wrinkles from tapestry material can be done quite easily.

Tapestry Production
Tapestry Production

So how do you get the creases out of your tapestry bag?

We’ll show you how! We'll use a shopper bag to demonstrate.

What you'll need:

  • The bag you want to remove creases from

  • An ironing board

  • An iron

  • A towel (not too thick, a tea towel is perfect)

Step 1

Place the bag on an ironing board, so you can see the creases. As you can see in the picture, the crease here is towards the lower part of the bag.


Step 2

Place the towel over the bag where the creases are.


Step 3

With the iron on low heat, slowly iron over the towel and add some steam occasionally if your iron has this setting. Do not keep the iron in one spot for more than a moment (be careful not to burn yourself on this step!). 


Step 4

Remove the towel and voila! No more creases! 


And here's a close up shot.

If you can still see a few creases, you can always repeat step 3 and iron over it again. This method may not always remove 100% of the creases but it definitely reduces it! Using an iron may be tricky for bags which are bigger or bulky, in this case we suggest using a handheld steamer. This method should also work as it helps to relax the creases.

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