Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns

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Are you ready to return to the magical world that P.L. Travers created almost a century ago?

The beloved character of Mary Poppins is one of literature’s most famous creations. The heart-warming tales and adventures of the Banks siblings and their nanny have enchanted both children and adults since their first publication in 1934.

Pamela Lyndon Travers (P.L. Travers) was born in Australia in 1899 and emigrated to Britain when she was 25 years old. Always interested in writing, she published her first Mary Poppins book in 1934, which became an instant success. Peter Pan author, J.M. Barrie, was an early influence for Travers. She partly based the Banks children on the real-life inspiration for the children in Peter Pan, the five Llewelyn Davies boys that Barrie was acquainted with. A further seven books followed that continued the magical adventures of Mary Poppins. Walt Disney had been a huge fan of the books and was known to read them to his daughters. He tried to buy the rights to make a film for many years, but Travers resisted all attempts. Finally a deal was made, and Mary Poppins was adapted for the silver screen in 1964.

The famous scene of Julie Andrews floating down from the heavens using just her umbrella is one of cinema’s most iconic scenes. A scene that is beautifully replicated in the new film with a kite replacing the original brolly. This new adaptation has already garnered great reviews, and only time will tell if this 2018 version will be adored as much as the original.

Michael: That’s a funny sort of bag.

Mary Poppins: Carpet.

Michael: You mean to carry carpets in?

Mary Poppins: No, made of.

Mary Poppins floating with a kite

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The magical carpet bag that Mary Poppins owns in the 1964 film may have been inspired by the great patterns of the 19th century. Artists and designers such as William Morris and Walter Crane helped create some of the most iconic imagery of the century. The stunning floral motif used in Mary Poppins’s bag perfectly reflects her delicate yet tough personality. She never stood for any nonsense, but she was always there to inject some fun into the children’s lives.

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