September Summer Bucket List Ideas

As we are coming to the end of the exciting month that was August, let’s take a step back and appreciate the lovely memories we have made over the last month. A month which brought nothing but warm, sunny days and amazing memories with friends and family. 

Some of you have been on exciting holidays all around the world and some of you have stayed at home and had friends and family over, or both! It has been a month to remember for months ahead, a month to reminisce about when the cold and wet winter hits us! However, as much as some of you may be feeling like summer is coming to an end, you still have September to enjoy just as much as the lovely August has been, maybe even better. 

As September is so close and only a week away, you should start planning ahead and start planning little trips and events for next month. Hopefully the weather will still be good so that you can enjoy some sunshine on your trips and events planned. A family BBQ is always a good idea for the weekend!

However, many of you may be stuck on exciting things to have planned for September.Why not get out your summer bucket lists, as I'm sure many of you have and get some things ticked off that list that you have hidden in a drawer somewhere! September is the perfect month to get some of those bucket list things ticked off. Many of you may have some crazy things on there that you may feel are impossible to get ticked off. 

We have the perfect ideas that you may want to add to that bucket list of yours. Ideas that are completely easy and fun to do! Have a look at our following list, we have created for you. 

-Gaze at the stars. The perfect place to gaze at stars is somewhere where there are not a lot of city lights. The beach has always been an amazing place to lay down and gaze at the stars.

-Take a road trip somewhere you haven’t been before. Explore a new city or go to the middle of nowhere and just relax.

-Barbecue some new recipes. Learn to barbecue something new. Step away from your usual go-to recipes and barbecue a unique meal. Step outside your comfort zone this summer and try your hand at a new dish on the ‘barbie.

-Attend an outdoor movie. Yes! There are outdoor movies and they are so much fun to go to and should definitely make it to your bucket list!  If you can DIY an outdoor movie theater, this is an incredibly fun thing to do during the summer. Bonus points for bringing along some fabulous snacks.

-Enjoy a cozy campfire with your special someone or get the whole family together and get some marshmallows out or Get creative with various chocolate bars and mix and match ingredients to create delicious s’mores. You can also take turns sharing family memories as a way to bond around the campfire. No matter what you talk about, campfires have a way of bringing people together.

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convertible bag

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