Tote bags are a girl’s best friend!

Do you know the feeling when you’ve gone out shopping for the day with your best friend and that adorable bag you bought online for such occasions just doesn’t quite do it? It’s stylish, cute, matches your outfit, but can only accommodate your phone and some money. Not very helpful when you just need more space.  

The solution is the awesome tote bag! So useful for so many different things and occasions. The spacious design allows you to cram in a multitude of bits and bobs. That umbrella for when the heaven’s open on a typical English summer. That makeup bag that you can’t live without for little touch ups during the day to keep looking your best. That water bottle to keep hydrated and feeling refreshed.

Unlike many handbags that have zips, straps, buttons, tote bags are hassle-free. There is simplicity in the design. One piece of tapestry material, a continuous pattern, both inside and out, and no fiddly bits.

The gusset tote bag from Signare now includes a handy inner pocket that is perfect for keeping your phone, keys, or purse safe. No longer do you need to scramble around at the bottom of your bag to fish out your purse when there’s a line of people waiting at the till to pay for their goods. You know exactly where it is. No fuss and no time wasted.


Signare Gusset Bags

Who hasn’t thought when standing at the till to pay, ‘why did I not bring a bigger bag with me?’ You are forced to pay out for a cheap, plastic bag that is only helping to destroy the environment. The Signare tote bag is lightweight but tough. A great place for keeping all those new additions to your wardrobe in one place.

Accidents happen in life and your precious bag can pick up bit of dirt and grime from all over the place. Our tote bags are completely machine washable saving you time and hassle trying to get those annoying marks out.

With over 40 different patterns to choose from, you can always find the perfect one for any occasion.


inside signare tote bag

If your workplace has a casual dress code then the fun Cheeky Cat design will brighten up any long day. Cram in your books and files, a spot of lunch, headphones for distraction-free work and a few snacks for sharing with your colleagues.

If you’re an art fan then one of the art prints are perfect. Thinking of taking a romantic trip to Paris, why not pop a Mona Lisa pattern tote in your suitcase and stop off at the Louvre to see the real thing. A tote makes a handy carry-on bag or, stashed away in your suitcase, a second bag when you need that bit of extra space that a cross body or sling bag doesn’t provide.

What little girl hasn’t grown up reading or watching Alice in Wonderland and been mesmerised by the colourful characters and surreal scenes. Whether young or old, our Alice totes are sure to make perfect gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.  

Check out our full range to pick up your cute tote bag today!

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