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William Morris Pomegranate & Lily - 100% Pure Silk Scarf


Dry Clean/Low temperature hand wash with care 


the original Lily and Pomegranate pattern was available with a ivory, Jupiter blue, cobalt, heritage red or coal background, Dante Gabriel Rossetti painted no fewer than eight painting of William Morri's wife, Jane Morris, as proserpine, the godness carried off by Pluto to his palace of the dead in the underworld, Jane was Rossetti's mistress for nearly a decade, from 1865-1876, when Jane discovered his addiction to the opiate laudanum, Rosetti also painted Jane as Beatrice, Pandora, and Astarte, but it was the goddess of the underworld that he returned again and again.

Lilies have long been associated with restored innocence after death in 1882, Morris bought these symbols together in his design for Lily and Pomegranate, Morris's design shows a complex background pattern, when this design was transferred to a wood block for wallpaper and fabric printing, the pattern was represented by dots suggesting "snow", and the winter that followed Demeter's loss of her daughter and Morris's own innocence at the loss of his idealized love of Jane. 



We are delighted to present this lovingly made 100% pure silk art scarves, to match our all time top seller art pattern woven tapestry bags, design including patterns such as Alice In Wonderland(1920), William Morris Strawberry Thief Blue & Red(1883), Golden Lily(1870), Honeysuckle (1883), Willow Bough(1887), Pomegranate & Lily(1886), Mackintosh Simple Rose(1915-28).

With the instantly recognizable art patterns that have been around for century and has wispy frayed edges. Wear yours with your Signare Tapestry matching art bags! 

  • 100% pure silk
  • Printed Art Pattern 
  • Comes with Signare Scarf presentation bag, made from 100% recycle paper

Product size (cm): 180 * 52

Weight: 0.1 kg


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