Signare Tapestry

Cheeky Cat - Stick Umbrella

£13.99 £27.99

EASY CARE: Clean it with a damp cloth. Do not soak in water.


The pop-art inspired style coupled with the sleek pose of the cheeky cat hints at a graceful, yet mysterious, design that attracts an essence of intrigue to its bearer.


"Carry the Masters with You !",  stay dry and stylish with Signare's Art-inspired Umbrellas, 

These fashionable umbrellas won't let the rain dampen your style! 

  • Lightweight automatic stick umbrella with aluminium and fibreglass frame is an umbrella windproof compact. It can be used as a car umbrella and walking umbrella for a raining day or a personal parasol umbrella as a sun parasol. It can also use as an umbrella stick.

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