Signare Tapestry

Seurat A Sund La Grande Jat - Wall Hanging 139cm x 90cm (120 rod)


Clean it with a damp cloth. Do not soak in water.

Bring the masterpiece into your own space!

LIGHTEN UP YOUR OWN SPACE: Contrasting pigments are woven together in this wall hanging with small, patchy brushstrokes, whereas in the mural-sized park scene which debuted two years later at the 1886 Impressionist exhibition. Seurat used tighter, dot-like dabs of paint, a technique which came to be known as Pointillism (from the French word point, or dot). He preferred the term Divisionism the principle of separating color into small touches placed side-by-side and meant to blend in the eye of the viewer. Post-Impression Art Design.

Made from tapestry woven fabric.

Product size: Approx. 139 x 90 cm
Weight: 1.101 kg

Note: All our wall hangings does not include the wall hanging rod, please order our Signare Tapestry Wall Hanging Rod separately. 


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