Signare Tapestry

Jan Van Huysum Vase of Flowers - Wall Hanging


Clean it with a damp cloth. Do not soak in water.

Bring the masterpiece into your own space!

LIGHTING UP YOUR OWN SPACE: Jan van Huysum, whose career spanned the first half of the eighteenth century, was the heir to this great tradition of still-life painting and, as far as floral still life's are concerned, its greatest exponent. This high quality tapestry Hollyhocks is undated but features his more elaborate work. Artificial flower pieces that are light in tone makes up a pastel palette. 

Product size: 139 x 101 cm
Weight: 1.055 kg

Note: All our wall hangings does not include the wall hanging rod, please order our Signare Tapestry Wall Hanging Rod separately. 

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