Wall Hanging-Lady & Unicorn Sense of Hearing | Home Decor - Available in Two Sizes

LIGHTEN UP YOUR OWN SPACE: The Lady and the Unicorn, La Dame à la Licorne in French, is a series of six tapestries wall hangings designed in Paris and woven in Flanders around 1500 A.D., all consisting of a Lady flanked by a Lion and a Unicorn in various different scenes. In Sense of Hearing, the Lady plays an organ with the help of a handmaid, and several small animals feature in the foreground. The field upon which they stand has been rendered in a deep, rich blue. Millefleur Design.

Made from tapestry woven fabrics.

Product size: 

Small: Approx 120 x 85cm

Large: 138cm x 100cm

Weight: 0.783 kg (Large) -- 1.114 kg (Large)

*Note: The wall hanging rod is not included.

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EASY CARE: Clean it with a damp cloth. Do not soak in water.

Bring the masterpiece into your own space!