Signare Tapestry

William Morris Strawberry Thief Blue - Wall Hanging


Clean it with a damp cloth. Do not soak in water.

Bring the masterpiece into your own space!

LIGHTEN UP YOUR OWN SPACE: William Morris' use of birds and animals in his early tapestries is a forebear to his later carpet patterns. This home décor design, one of his most successful compositions, uses a dense cover of trailing acanthus leaves, as seen in his first tapestry 'Acanthus and Vine', into which have been placed Philip Webb's five studies of animals and birds. It is possible that Henry Dearle supplied foreground floral details, although these are similar to Webb's preparatory drawings. The wall hanging verse was later published under the title 'The Lion' in Morris's Poems By the Way. British Art and Crafts Movement.

Made from tapestry woven fabrics.

Product Size: Approx. 139 x 87cm
Weight: 1.025 kg

Note: All our wall hangings does not include the wall hanging rod, please order our Signare Tapestry Wall Hanging Rod separately. 

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