Create a cosy home

The last few years have been crazy for everyone, and working from home is becoming the norm for many of us. While life is almost back to normal, a lot of people and employees have stayed home-office or are working hybrid (in and out of the office).  And while everyone has their preferences on where they work, at home of the office, we seem to bring attention to our homes and improving bits and pieces around the house to achieve a cosy and relaxing home.

We have just the right items for your home to give the feeling of warmth, comfort and relaxation.

Wall hangings are a great way to add a cosy feel to your home. Wall hangings add a touch of culture and history to your home with our high-quality tapestry wall hangings. Signare have the perfect, high-quality designs by some of the world’s most famous masterpieces. Bringing great style and great conversation to your home.

John Collier Lady Godiva wall hanging

A gorgeous example of one of the many masterpieces Signare offer is the John Collier Lady Godiva wall hanging. Made 100% from Cotton with very easy care instructions; this wall hanging is the perfect design to add to your living room to add a little extra something. A masterpiece with great history behind dating back to the 11th century; read more about this piece HERE!

Another, small but effective item to add to your home are cushions. Signare offer a variety of different cushions depending on the style of your home. We have a huge range from Art cushions to Christmas cushions to panelled cushions.

Alphonse Mucha Day Dream Cushion Cover

A decorative cushion cover that is sure to liven up any room in the house. This Alphonse mucha day dream cushion cover really is anyone’s dream cushion. A tapestry cushion makes for a perfect modern finish and adds a warm welcome to any room.

Forest Life Draft Excluder Cushions

Lastly, draft excluders, in our opinion, are a must for any home. Make sure to keep your home warm and cos by placing these one of the kind draft excluders to keep cold air from coming through and to stop any warm air getting out. This Forest life draft excluder cushions is made from a tapestry material. Both stylish and effective for insulating your doors and windows.

But don’t stop here, have a look at all the one of the kind items Signare have to offer. You are never short of choice when it comes to Signare and their rich range of different designs, fit for anyone and everyone.