Prepare for the Jubilee Weekend

The Royal Jubilee Weekend is right around the corner. The UK is very excited for the holiday coming up and we all going to be celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s II’s Platinum Jubilee. With so many exciting events taking place around the whole country to commemorate the Queen being the UK’s longest reigning monarch. Everyone is looking forward to the warm weather and celebrating with family and friends. Whether you have decided to celebrate at a garden party with family, a street party with friends and neighbours or you have decided to travel into London to celebrate at Buckingham Palace or all over London, it will be a weekend to remember will lots of memories made!
I know a lot of us will be celebrating at home in the garden or at street parties and we want to that in style. You still have time to get prepared for the long weekend to come and get some items which will make your celebration that extra bit special and thematic. Themed items and accessories will get your friends and family talking and make whatever you decide to do that extra bit memorable.

We, at Signare, have some perfect items and accessories to get you into the mood. Have a look at some of the items we have put together for you.

If you are going to have a garden party, this gorgeous Crown Cushion Cover in black is perfect for you and your guests. The perfect themed design that vividly captures the opulent and grand features of the royal crown jewels and bring a sophisticated and regal touch to your home décor. This cushion cover is made from Signare tapestry woven fabrics and will live up any room. This design comes in a black and white backdrop. Whatever backdrop you decide to go for, your guests will appreciate the effort made and your gorgeous pillows will be the talk of the party.

 Signare Tapestry Crown Jewel Cushion


 Another item that is perfect for street parties is a beautiful Royal Guard Straight Handle Folding Umbrella. Be prepared for any weather at your street party and do it in style. The Royal Guard also known as queen's guard protect this pattern with their iconic black and red uniform; making this a collectors piece for true royalists everywhere. An umbrella which will the staple of the event and can be used long after the Jubilee weekend.

 Signare Tapestry Royal Guard Umbrella

 The last item on our list is a stunning Royal Guard College Bag to go with your umbrella. A spacious and sturdy Signare college bag. Our Signare handbags ensure that you can fit everything that you will need so you can always be prepared and do it in style. A tapestry tote bag/ college bag with a faux leather trim across the top of the bag; an bag that fits perfectly with the theme of the weekend.

 Signare Tapestry Royal Guard Tote Bag


But don’t stop here. At Signare, we have a rich collection of tapestry art accessories which we know you will love! Browse through our collections.