Create an Autumnal Home

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year and although some of us may be sad that summer has come to an end. We have so much to look forward to. The perfect season for wrapping nice and warm and enjoying walks filled with gorgeous earthy colors and textures. As we prepare ourselves for the cold, the rain and the longer, darker nights - we can also prepare our homes to make them cosy and inviting to come back to.

To help you embrace the new season and take a deep breathe in of some seasonal life and create an autumnal feel to your home and wardrobe. We, at Signare Tapestry, have a few autumnal accessories  for both your home and your wardrobe!

Bring the season indoors!

Home is where the heart is. Create an autumnal, cosy and warm feel in your home with Signare Tapestry. We have gorgeous wall tapestry hangings to make your walls and your room feel that extra bit cosy! Shop our autumnul colour wall hangings! Have a look at our huge collection of art wall tapestry hangings. 


Lighten up your own space. The Tree of Life wall hanging, also known as L'Arbre de Vie, Stoclet Frieze in French, was painted in 1909 by Art Nouveau artist Gustav Klimt. This pattern was originally a study for a series of mosaics commissioned for the Palais Stoclet in Brussels. Done in rich, warm colours, this piece presents the traditional Tree of Life bearing fruit and birds, but in a flowing, spiraling nouveau style. Art Nouveau Design. Bring the masterpiece into your own space!

Shop Accessories for your tapestry!


Our 70cm & 120 cm wall hanging rod, designed specifically for Signare Tapestry Wall Hangings, this wall hanging rod diameter is capable of handling heavier fabrics, can hold up to 9.9kg, it’s decorative round finials on either end, provide a visually balanced and elegant appearance. Include wall mount offers adjustable width to avoid obstructions, and to provide additional space between wall and wall hangings.


Revamp the look of your spaces with this wall hanging tassel that will add a dynamic look. Decorating your walls with their golden hue, this set of two will give a cohesive look to your interiors. You can use them and hang them with with your curtains or even use them to tie and hold your curtains in place.  The golden and brown hued tassels hanging from the wall hanging will add a playful look to your living room. The tassel wall hanging is not frail in design and will aid you seamlessly for years to come


This 1907 work by Gustav Klimt is the last, and many would say most representative piece from his Golden Phase. This wall decoration has quite a history, having been appropriated by Nazis in World War II, and currently hanging in the NeueGalerie in New York. This is a defining work of the Jugendstil style and was originally painted with oils and gold leaf. As a tapestry home décor, the complex patterns in the golden background stand out dramatically and the face of Frau Bloch-Bauer, wife of a Viennese industrialist and famous patron of the arts, features proudly. Art Nouveau Design. Made from Signare tapestry woven fabrics.

Shop Our Autumnal Colour Fashion Bags!


Proven to be one of our most popular tapestry bag with shoulder strap styles and one of the best shoulder bags for women, this elegantly designed classic top handled handbag is one that can serve as a fantastic choice for your everyday needs. A charming flock of red Robin birds coat this tapestry pattern; beaming their scarlet chests, they happily perch on the branches of the wintery woods.


In collaboration with the V&A, the world’s leading museum of art, design and performance. This elegant pattern is based on a magnificent furisode (swinging sleeves) kimono in the V&A collection. The design of the original reveals the dynamism of Japanese textile design in the early 20th century. The auspicious motifs of bamboo and plum blossom suggest the robe may have been worn for a very special occasion. Brilliant choice for small travel, evening walks or overnight, features a modest area for storing your handbag essentials, with an open sleeve and zip up pocket also featured on the inside, fully lined with a patterned nylon. Faux leather handle and detachable shoulder straps included and has the option to be worn as a handbag or converted into a cross body or shoulder style bag.


A nifty tapestry satchel cross body bags, perfect for everyday use. This cross body bag is ideal for your daily essentials and it is compactly designed in its appearance, have the option to be worn as a cross body or cross shoulder bag. Fastened with a zip top; the inside features a slip pocket and zip pocket for storage; whilst also containing a modest capacity for make-up and travel accessories.

Another design from our Tree of Life tapestry based on the mural by Gustav Klimt. Covered with swirling, tangled branches and fragile vines, the images express life’s complexity. A must-have for anyone who appreciates Art Nouveau and loves Gustav Klimt drawings.

Don't stop here. Signare have a huge range of different accessories for both home and closet. Bring the fall feel into your life this season with Signare Tapestry!