The Perfect Gifts

Have you ever received a gift that you have not been thrilled about and you have not loved as much as you’d hoped to? Or received a gift that you have liked and been happy about, but have not used as much as you would have liked to? It is tough because we can sometimes feel guilty that the special someone who has put time and effort in carefully choosing your gift and now you are not especially thrilled with it or will not use. We have all been there and it’s always difficult to think of the perfect gift that your special someone will both absolutely love and get the most use out of.

We have all been completely stuck with what gift to choose and pick out for a special occasion, for family or loved ones. Sometimes you want to gift something different than what you usually go for and something that you are certain that special someone will get lots of use out of. Or sometimes you have no time to think and plan and you need to act fast. It is always to put some thought into the gifts to choose as gifts and special occasions last a lifetime in that someone’s mind. Your gift is a constant reminder to them of you and the love and though you put behind the gift. So it is important to pick out something they will be so thrilled about and completely fall in love with and get lots of use out of.

We at Signare are here to help you pick out the perfect gift that works for anyone and everyone. A fashion art bag gift is something that will always make a statement. Take your gift-giving to a whole new level with an impressive present of an art bag.  

Your fashion art bag gift will become a cherished and everlasting possession. This will be the gift that they will treasure forever and be the wow-factor you are going for when it comes to your gift idea. A person who receives a Signare art bag as a gift will always remember you and the positive memories they share with you every time they see or use the gift.

Have a look at some of the gorgeous Signare art bags we have that will make the perfect gift!

Here's for a little Christmas edition-


Our beautiful Christmas Poinsettias design is rich in reds, green and beige. With their star-shaped leaf bracts, poinsettia have become known as Christmas Stars in many other languages, including Italian; Stella di Natale, and German; Weihnachtsstern.

Make a statement at all of your holiday parties with this beautiful tapestry party bag. A compact piece for carrying all the essentials for your day/night out! Modest amount of space for your phone, purse and personal goods, patterned nylon lining inside, closed with a zip fastener and comes with a detachable shoulder strap so you can use it as a clutch bag.


A nifty tapestry satchel cross body bags, perfect for everyday use. This cross body bag is ideal for your daily essentials and it is compactly designed in its appearance. You have the option to be worn as a cross body or cross shoulder bag. Fastened with a zip top; the inside features a slip pocket and zip pocket for storage; whilst also containing a modest capacity for make-up and travel accessories.

The unique style of this gorgeous cross body bagStems entwine amongst the willow leaves to create the famed Willow Bough by William Morris art; an enduring pattern that is magnified through the use of tapestry design, creating an admirable collection of art-inspired designs.


Perfect for work, school or a shopping trip with your friends; the hobo bag uses its entire tapestry coated mass to maximise its capacity. Plenty of room for travel essentials, make-up accessories and books or office utensils. Zip pocket and two slip pockets inside; with one particularly designed for your mobile phone, can be easily flat packed and stored away and fastened with a zip, the bag also contains a sturdy base for extra support.

With a unique lifestyle design- A sumptuous design that is instantly recognisable as the work of William Morris designs; it reproduces an original tapestry piece of his created in the 19th century called Strawberry Thief also known as William Morris birds. It depicts a story of why the juicy ripen strawberries are always disappearing in the garden? The witty eyes of birds tell all.


Proven to be one of our most popular tapestry bag with shoulder strap styles and one of the best shoulder bags for women, this elegantly designed classic top handled handbag is one that can serve as a fantastic choice for your everyday needs. Brilliant choice for small travel, evening walks or overnight. Features a modest area for storing your handbag essentials, with an open sleeve and zip up pocket also featured on the inside, fully lined with a patterned nylon, faux leather handle and detachable shoulder straps included, has the option to be worn as a handbag or converted into a cross body or shoulder style bag, fitted with a full length zip fastener and a solid base with 4 studded feet.

With a UNIQUE DESIGN- Heritage Design, Licensed from Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. Jacobean Dream design is inspired by a richly embroidered gentlemen’s cap in the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust’s collection. The nightcap was a popular item of headwear in Shakespeare’s time, which would have indicated the wearer’s wealth, education and standing.