Tips for decorating your home

When it comes to decorating or redecorating your home, you want it to be perfect and exactly the way you envision it. However, you vision before you start decorating may completely change when you are halfway through and may turn out to be completely different when it all comes together. It is difficult to have an exact plan and stick to it throughout the long process of decorating or redecorating. Everyone has a mental picture of how they want everything to turn out in the beginning but actualizing the idea is a very hectic and stressful process sometimes. This is the outcome of many factors when it comes to decorating that you maybe didn’t or don’t take into consideration before the process begins.

Some of these many factors may be, taking into consideration the space and shape of the room, house or outdoor area. Space is a very important factor because if you have a small space, you don’t want to overload or over clutter the room and want to make the most out of the space you do have. Or if you have a huge space, you don’t want to use small artwork or small furniture that will look out of place. The space that you have should be the first thing you take into consideration when it comes to decorating, even if you are just adding a few bits and pieces to freshen up your room, house or outdoor space.

Another important factor to take into consideration is colour pallet. If you are stuck and not sure what colours to go for, we recommend bright colours. To make your rooms look elegant, attractive, and lively, paint them with bright and softer colours. Besides making the appearance soothing, lighter colours make the rooms look more spacious even if they are not humongous. If you have used dull paint, complement the appearance with mirrors, bright wallpapers, or natural lighting. Whatever bright and fresh colour you choose for the walls can correspond and create a matching pattern with the ceiling, carpet as well as the furniture. The appearance of the space that you are decorating or redecorating should represent you taste, personality and preference. A mixture of colour, paint texture, and contrast can make a massive difference beyond your experience.  Don’t be afraid to try something new or something that you are not sure how will turn out because you will be surprised at how everything will come together perfectly at the end.

It is always an option to decorate your space with things, items and furniture that you already have. You should select a decor plan that represents your taste.  But before you draft a massive budget on the things you think will make your space look comfortable and appealing. Look around you for the items already at your disposal, and you will find elegance pieces. For example, you can start by hanging your favorite artworks on different walls before displaying other paintings and pictures.

You can use furniture that you may already have. It is very easy to restore or freshen up old pieces of furniture- with just a little bit of work you can make you old furniture look new and completely different to what it originally looked like. Created a new, relaxed and fresh environment and feel to your room, home or outdoor space. But not everything has to be restored, painted or tweaked. We all have a few vintages and classic pieces that are precious to us. Such items not only represent your identity, but they also have a significant impact on your life, such as sweet memories or personal achievement. A pattern incorporating the old items with the news pieces can make your house look organized, planned, and sophisticated.

Accessories is one of the most important factors to taking into consideration. You can accessorize different rooms according to their purpose. For example, for a kitchen add hooks on the walls for hanging the utensils such as pots, knives, spoons, etc. You can also install shelves and drawers for placing containers, bottles, among other things or even a gorgeous wall hanging or wall tapestry art. For the kids’ rooms use attractive and robust tools for keeping toys and other substances.

If you are going for a more artistic feel to your room then a gorgeous wall hanging is the perfect thing for you. You can always utilize spaces and corners by getting artistic cushions or draft excluders or tapestry wall hangings. 

With the right wall art for your home, your entire decor can work together to foster that homey environment you're so proud to share. Your home is your happy place. It's where you retire after a long day, where you build memories with your friends and family, and where you feel most comfortable. Your home holds the things that make up who you are and uses them to paint a picture of your unique personality. From the items hanging in your closet to the memories showcased on your tables and shelves, your carefully selected and placed belongings are a reflection of you. But what about the walls that make up your little haven? With the right wall art for your home, your entire decor can work together to foster that homey environment you're so proud to share.

If you were to walk into a home with no decorations or wall tapestry art, you would immediately get a sense of incompleteness. It may look like no one actually 'lives' in the space, or you may even assume that the homeowner has just moved in.

Create a homey environment with gorgeous wall hangings. Some of the most beautiful art wall hangings you can find at Signare. With a huge collection of different, styles, sizes and colours of art wall hangings you will easily find the wall hanging that represents YOU! Add a touch of culture and history to your home décor with our high quality Signare tapestry wall hangings. In some of the world’s most famous masterpieces, welcome the fine arts into your home bringing style and a great conversation piece into your home.

One of our personal favourites which will go with any décor and room you decide to go with is our gorgeous THE HUNT OF THE UNICORN- WALL HANGING.  The Hunt of the Unicorn is a series of seven tapestries originally woven in the Netherlands around 1500 A.D., showing a hunting party pursuing and killing a unicorn, then its miraculous healing. The tapestries were professionally restores in 1998, allowing their beautiful natural colours, still bright after more than 500 years, to shine through.

This tapestry hanging will finish off the look of your redecorated room and will create the perfect, cosy space to spend your time in. But don’t stop at this tapestry wall hanging. Browse through the rich collection Signare have to offer when it comes to wall tapestries.