Stand out with an art umbrella

As the summer months come in, we are so excited for hot days and cool evenings. However we cannot help but notice that there is a certain component not cooperating sometimes. Mother Nature has her own way with things and can change in the spur of the moment. The weather is a huge factor when it comes to summer plans, trips and holidays with friends and family. Bad weather can sometimes really sabotage our chance to let loose, lay out and enjoy the summer we so truly deserve.

The April showers have already been and gone and we are all very happy about this fact as bringing out your umbrella is not always the best feeling in the world. Weather as we know can have a huge impact on our mood and effect our days so drastically. The weather can be...frustrating. Less-than-pleasant weather that drags on (and on and on) can complicate outdoor plans, make traffic miserable and, honestly, feel like it's starting to affect your overall well-being. 

Studies have found that the amount of sunshine, temperature and humidity had the greatest effect on mood. In particular, it showed that high humidity lowered concentration and increased sleepiness — something many Houstonians can likely relate to. And especially when it comes to rainy days; mood levels go down as well as the motivation to be productive and complete errands that need to be done.

However, as much as we would like to be able to change the weather some days and as much as we pray for good weather on days we have outdoor plans, it doesn’t always happen the way we would like to. Mother Nature as a plan of her own. But, we should not let the weather dictate our plans and mood as much as it does.

For those rainy days, when you have outdoor plans or when it hits you unexpectedly, an umbrella is a must. But we all know that umbrellas can be very dull and ugly and it’s difficult to find a sturdy umbrella that is both stylish, big and will compliment your outfit. Because, let’s be honest, when carrying around an umbrella, it is the main focus of your whole outfit and whole appearance.

We all want to be stylish and feel good when we go out, even if it is raining and cloudy outside. We have the perfect solution for you! Look stylish and stay dry with our gorgeous Signare umbrellas.

Be prepared for all kinds of weather and look incredible doing so with our gorgeous umbrella collection with a huge range of art designed umbrellas.

One of our personal favourites from this beautiful art designed umbrella collection is our Jacob Marrel Tulip White Straight Handle Folding Umbrella which comes with umbrella sleeve and Signare logo on the side! The unique lifestyle design of this umbrella is the following- Jacob Marrel was a painter working in the Netherlands who is greatly famous of flowers (mostly tulips) and insects drawing. His artwork also is known as "Jacob Marrel tulips". Many of Marrel's tulip paintings can be viewed at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. This tapestry pattern reproduce pink tulips and butterflies with beige background colour inspired from Marrel’s artwork. These fashionable umbrellas won't let the rain dampen your style! A modern designed straight handle umbrella that combines practicality with style which features a high quality handle with lightweight aluminium and fiberglass frame. Comes with an umbrella sleeve. Click here to shop this staple umbrella now!

Another one of our favourite umbrellas is the WESTIE - STRAIGHT HANDLE FOLDING UMBRELLA. Look amazing and make people stare with this one of the kind umbrella by Signare. This umbrella is also inspired the painter working in the Netherland; Jacob Marrel. Like the umbrella above, this tapestry pattern reproduce pink tulips and butterflies with beige background colour inspired from Marrel’s artwork.

We also have this Royal Guard Straight Handle Folding Umbrella. Standing to attention, the Royal Guard also known as queen's guard protect this pattern with their iconic black and red uniform; making this a collectors piece for true royalists everywhere. With the same features as our previously looked at umbrellas-  A modern designed straight handle umbrella that combines practicality with style, features a high quality handle, lightweight aluminium and fiberglass frame, come with an umbrella sleeve, size: 25*5*5 cm, weight: 0.44kg.

And lastly, on our top favourite umbrellas is our William Morris Strawberry Thief Blue with Straight Handle Folding Umbrella. A sumptuous design that is instantly recognisable as the work of William Morris designs; it reproduces an original tapestry piece of his created in the 19th century called Strawberry Thief also known as William Morris birds. It depicts a story of why the juicy ripen strawberries are always disappearing in the garden? The witty eyes of birds tell all.