Prepare for your summer holidays

We are all extremely excited for our holidays planned for this summer. Some of us are travelling abroad with friends and family and some of us are taking long weekends or time off somewhere in in the uk. Whether you have planned to go abroad and travel the world or go somewhere more local for your holiday, you still need to be prepared and pack everything you need for your time away. Regardless of the time; whether you are going for a week, two, a month or even just a few days. Make sure you have everything you need to make the most out of your holiday.

When writing your checklist for all your items that you will be taking on your holiday, it is important to start with a travel bag that will make travelling super comfy, convenient as well as hold all your necessities for you travels.

At Signare, we have just what you need… from big holdalls, pull holdalls and travel bags. We have put together some of our best bags from each type for you! Don’t miss out on the chance to travel in style and indulge in comfort.

Our Luxor big holdall bag. A tapestry travel bag designed to contain plenty of storage for your travels, this holdall proves to be an ideal choice as a travel companion. Use it on travel, trips, weekend, overnight or even as sports holdall gym bag. Fantastic amount of storage for travel or gym essentials, fastened with a zip top and contains an inner zip pocket for storage. A pair of sturdy faux leather handles for carriage, reinforced base with five studded feet for support, now includes a detachable shoulder strap and made completely from Signare tapestry woven fabrics.

This gorgeous holdall bag has a unique design- The Art Deco trend influence is becoming more prominent in the upcoming year. The Art Deco movement originated in the 1920s and 1930s, which its’ style is recognised by its use of geometric shapes, clean lines and surrealism. This design is inspired by ancient Egyptian symbols in Art Deco style. It is named after the ancient Egyptian city Luxor.

If you are looking for something a little bigger and more like a small suitcase to pull around with you anywhere you go. We have our gorgeous William Morris Strawberry Thief Blue Pull Holdall Bag. The tapestry pull holdall travel bag is fantastically designed to make travelling away an efficient and easier experience. Fitted with a telescopic pull handle that fully extends to a height of 105cm; it is concealable within a zip compartment to protect it from damage. With an inside zipper pocket for extra storage, a pair of sturdy faux leather handles provides an alternative means of travel and base is fitted with a pair of solid feet at the top and a pair of wheels at the bottom. Made from Signare tapestry woven fabrics.

Like our holdall bag this pull holdall also has a unique design- A sumptuous design that is instantly recognisable as the work of William Morris designs; it reproduces an original tapestry piece of his created in the 19th century called Strawberry Thief also known as William Morris birds. It depicts a story of why the juicy ripen strawberries are always disappearing in the garden? The witty eyes of birds tell all.

Whether you want to travel light or you want an additional bag for you travels. We have the perfect travel bag for you. With a vast amount of room for all your essentials, you’ll never want to take a trip without it. Our Paisley Travel Bag is a great addition to your travel collection, this tapestry travel bag is courteously designed to provide ample room as a weekend bag, sports bag or gym bag. With a vast amount of room for travel or gym essentials, fastened with a zip top; it also contains an inner zip pocket for storage; fitted with sturdy faux leather handles for carriage; reinforced base contains four studded feet and now includes a detachable shoulder strap. Made from Signare tapestry woven fabrics.

Read about this particular bags unique lifestyle design- A popular and iconic textile motif of Persian origin, the flowers Paisley design is coloured with a blue and gold scheme creating an attractive colour texture. A bag like no other, travel in style and make people stare with this gorgeous travel bag.

Another must-have for your travels is a toiletry bag. We have a gorgeous art toiletry bag collection for you. Check out our Jane Austen Blue Toiletry Bag or browse through our collection of art toiletry bags. A single layer tapestry women’s toiletry/beauty case with a large capacity; ideal for storing toiletries, cosmetics and make-up. With a zip fastener around the lid of the case, a six inner elastic straps help to organise make-up brushes and other small items, lined with a patterned nylon for protection and a sturdy base helps support the bag.

Each toiletry bag has a unique lifestyle design, making whatever bag you choose unique in itself. Here is the Jane Austen Blue Toiletry Bag unique lifestyle design- Jane Austen, one of the world's most famous authors, spent most of her life in Hampshire and its houses, countryside and people inspired many of Jane Austen books. Signare’s Austen Blue pattern, is a flower design draw, with oak flower and leaves with blue background from a Pelisse Coat thought to have belonged to Jane Austen (a Pelisse coat was a garment worn over a dress or gown which was fashionable during Austen’s lifetime). The oak leaf motif used here was a popular national symbol in Britain at a time.

Prep for your holiday better than you ever have before with Signare travel bags. Travel in style with our art collection of holdall bags, pull holdalls, travel bags, toiletry bags and many more! Shop NOW.