Gifts ideas for a lady!

Have you ever received a gift that you have not been thrilled about and you have not loved as much as you’d hoped to? Or received a gift that you have liked and been happy about, but have not used as much as you would have liked to? It is tough because we can sometimes feel guilty that the special someone who has put time and effort in carefully choosing your gift and now you are not especially thrilled with it or will not use. We have all been there and it’s always difficult to think of the perfect gift that your special someone will both absolutely love and get the most use out of.

We have all been completely stuck with what gift to choose and pick out for a special occasion, for family or loved ones. Sometimes you want to gift something different than what you usually go for and something that you are certain that special someone will get lots of use out of. Or sometimes you have no time to think and plan and you need to act fast. It is always to put some thought into the gifts to choose as gifts and special occasions last a lifetime in that someone’s mind. Your gift is a constant reminder to them of you and the love and though you put behind the gift. So it is important to pick out something they will be so thrilled about and completely fall in love with and get lots of use out of.

At Signare Tapestry, we have the perfect gift ideas for you that your special someone is bound to fall in love with and get so much use out of!

A cosmetic bag can be found in almost every bag. And although they all perform the same task – to store cosmetics and other hygiene products – they differ in size and design. Due to the huge variety of models, as well as the practical characteristics of this accessory, the cosmetic bag is a great gift idea for a woman. But what exactly will be the most suitable cosmetic bag for the occasion?

See what to pay attention to when choosing a cosmetic bag to please the woman you intend to give it to.

Women's cosmetic bag for everyday use and for travel.
In order to choose the correct size of cosmetic bag, you need to think about what exactly you need it for. If you are looking for a cosmetic bag for daily use, it should not be too big. Even if the future owner carries a classic large bag or a tote bag, she will not want most of the bag to be occupied by the cosmetic bag. The optimal model will hold the most necessary items: a small mirror, powder, lip balm or lipstick, hand cream and a small bottle of perfume.

At Signare Tapestry we have the perfect cosmetic bags for a gift. They are the perfect size to fit in your day bag and will hold all your essential cosmetics for during the day! Gorgeous art tapestry designed cosmetic bags which are the perfect thoughtful gift for your special someone.

Have a look at some of our favourite cosmetic bags from Signare below!

Our BUTTERFLY COSMETIC BAG. A compartment makeup case compactly designed to store all you cosmetic accessories. A small cosmetic bag which easily fits in your handbag for everyday usage. With fastened with a zip top, fully lined with a patterned nylon and made from Signare tapestry woven fabrics. The beauty of the pretty butterfly pattern is inspired by the vivid colour and varied shapes of this exotic and magical creature; as it helps bring to life a taste summer within its pattern. SHOP this style NOW!

Another one of our top cosmetic bags is Signare’s ORCHID COSMETIC BAG. This cosmetic bag, like the one you can see above, is a compartment makeup case compactly designed to store cosmetic accessories. Pink and red wild orchid flowers make up this design, drawing inspiration from the colourful and fragrant blossoms of this vibrant plant. With easy care instructions; clean only with a damp cloth and do not soak in water. This cosmetic bag is the perfect gift for a women, and we guarantee that she will love it!
Another gorgeous design, perfect for this summer and every summer to come, from Signare Tapestry is our SHELL COSMETIC BAG. Do you remember collecting sea shells on the beach as a child? This lovely design showing all types of sea shells is sure to bring back memories of long hot summer holidays by the sea. Every shape of sea shell is here, alongside little starfish and seaweed fresh from the shoreline. As you look at this design and marvel at the wide variety of beach shells nature has created, you will almost be able to hear the sea! The best cosmetic bag in theme with lounging around at the beach!

And lastly, is your special someone a dog lover?? Well Signare have the perfect gift. Our LABRADOR COSMETIC BAG! Wherever you look in this delightful Labrador (Labrador retriever) design, Britain’s favourite dog looks back at you appealingly. Labrador’s in every shade of colour from golden-yellow to chocolate-brown are making eyes, just waiting for you to make a fuss and to pet them. Amongst the cloud of golden Labrador, Labrador puppies, white Labrador, chocolate Labrador and brown Labrador, did you find yours? A compartment makeup case compactly designed to store cosmetic accessories. 

With so many more unique designs when it comes to cosmetic bags, you are not short of choice when it comes to picking a perfect gift for your special someone. Don’t miss out on the chance to touch their hearts and gift a cosmetic bag that will be in constant use from the moment it is gifted! Choose Signare Tapestry’s unique designs!