The Best Accessories

It can be difficult to find what accessory is perfect to make an outfit pop. Or to find an accessory that works with everything or even an accessory which will work what you need to take with you or what you need to do during the day. 

Purses can be a perfect accessory to accessorize an outfit and give it that extra touch. We love everything about purses. We love to buy them, add new purses to our collection and read all about new fashion trends in the handbag and purse industry! 

We have the perfect purses at Signare, that you are bound to fall in love with!

Poppy Frame Purse | Signare Tapestry

 Cute, small and simple with two nifty compartments this purse is good for carrying keys and change. This frame tapestry purse will always come in handy when you have extra change which just doesn’t fit in your small purse coin compartment. Our favourite frame purse from Signare is this one of the kind poppy frame purse. This frame purse contains a gold or silver frame with double clasp closure, lined fully with a patterned nylon and made from Signare tapestry woven fabrics.

Double Zip Purse Walter Crane | Signare Tapestry

Double zip purses; trendy and convenient. Equipped with the latest RFID-blocking technology to keep your cards protected. Signare have a huge variety of different styles, patterns and designs. You are never short of choice when it comes to Signare and their products available to you. This particular double zip purse is a V&A licensed almond blossom and swallow design. Don’t miss out on your chance to add this to your collection and they get sold out quick! A gorgeous pattern inspired by an 1878 wallpaper, designed by Walter Crane. Crane’s wallpaper designs were often narrative and show the influence of Japanese art on British culture. 

And if your thinking about accessorizing with a bag then Signare have gorgeous art bags of all shapes, sizes and designs for you! But why not choose a Signare convertible bag. These fashion staples come with side handles that can be easily loped over the shoulders and their wide opening is usually unfastened. These bags are highly underrated by some and are far from being just basic bags. On the contrary, they are considered trendy, functional bags that give a luxe finishing to your overall dressing ensemble.

Here are some of our best convertible Signare bags-

convertible bag

A gorgeous bag is our Orchid Convertible BagA unique bag which you can wear on the shoulder or carry with you wherever you go. A fashion statement; a tapestry design bag with beautiful orchids. Proven to be one of our most popular tapestry bag with shoulder strap styles and one of the best shoulder bags for women, this elegantly designed classic top handled handbag is one that can serve as a fantastic choice for your everyday needs.

Lastly on our list of best tapestry design art bags is our V&A LICENSED FLOWER MEADOW - DAYPACKOur casual backpacks are functional which makes it a brilliant choice for travel, office, work, school or college. They are compact sized making it a fantastic day-to-day bag.

But don't stop here, at Signare we have a rich collection of different art accessories that you are bound to fall in love with!